2014 – Vincent Irizarry

Vincent Irizarry

The specific aspect of the program that I am most excited about has to be the thought of immersing myself in the Grand Canyon Region, and being able to explore such a vast area of the country that I have never been able to visit before. I am anticipating to meet new people, and effectively work with my peers while on these excursions. I feel that to learn within this sort of field you have to be taught hands on, and this program finds an effective way to do so.

In the near future I intend to study Political Science/Public Administration, and I understand that part of this immersive program is working hands on with Non-Governmental Organizations, and even the possibility of indigenous peoples within the Arizona region. In my career I want to influence environmental policy, as well as link urban students to resources such as this program so that they will have a chance to leave the urban jungle, and connect with nature in a positive way. I want to gain hands on experience in the fields of food, land, water, and resource conservation so that I will have the knowledge to pass on to future generations, as well as illustrate my perspective on such pressing issues. I have studied resource depletion, and how these methods affect the quality of life in various regions around the world, yet I want to experience conservation face to face, rather than have it simply dictated in a lecture hall.